Preschool Program

November 2016

Moving into the month of November we continued to observe the children using the loose parts in our room as props for their role playing. Each week as we reflected on our observations we discussed how the children have been continuing to role play familiar scenarios, recognizing that this type of play is common for preschool aged children to engage in. Through their role playing they are building relationships, developing social skills and drawing their own conclusions about the world around them. This month we focused on continuing to challenge the children, provoking their thinking and provide more individual experiences.

Two common ideas the children have been experimenting with while engaged in role playing have been “coffee” and “fire”. At the beginning of the month we had noticed an increasing fascination with coffee. The children had been using this idea in their dramatic play, pretending to drink coffee at meal times and preparing and serving coffee for each other. In order to figure out their thought process and direction of this interest, we provided several provocations for the children. We had discussions surrounding coffee, we tasted coffee and tea (most children thought it was yucky!) made play dough with coffee grounds, water painted with brewed coffee and tea, and explored tea leaves and coffee beans. On November 18th we planned a walk to our local Robin’s Donuts for hot chocolate and Robin’s eggs, unfortunately due to the weather we had to do take out. This experience seemed to be a natural conclusion to their interest in coffee. Looking back we feel that using “coffee” in their role playing provided another way to engage socially with each other, as they have observed adult social interactions involving coffee. Possibly trying to understand the social aspects they are observing.

Just recently we have been investigating “fire”. Outside the children have been pretending to be fire fighters on an “emergency”, and building camp fires using the logs and tires on our playground. More recently the idea of “fire” has been creeping into our group stories. Over the last few weeks we have been on an investigation journey with the children, and have only just begun to gain a better understanding of their thinking. We are looking forward to see where this will lead to next…we will keep you posted!

On another note our Intergenerational Program with Roseview Manor has been very successful. On Halloween we visited for a costume parade and on November 15th we visited and engaged in interactive games. We are looking forward to our next visit on December 23rd when we will be singing Christmas carols and trimming the tree!

Jen Tervo R,ECE, AECEO,C.  Nicole Heath R,ECE, AECEO, C