Preschool Program

April 2017

Our trip to see the Zamboni was one of the highlights of our month! We had the best time comparing all the different parts of the Zamboni to the one we made in our room. We must know a lot about Zambonies because we had almost everything!

The Zamboni driver Tyler was nice enough to let us sit in the driver seat and opened up the Zamboni so we could see the engine and the water tank. We spent the last part of our field trip watching the Zamboni clean the ice. This trip was so much fun it inspired us to go back to daycare and fix our Zamboni in our room and do some sketching of what we saw! Thank you current river rec. for accommodating our interest in Zambonies!

Jen Tervo RECE  AECEO,C.   Nicole Heath RECE  AECEO.C