Preschool Program

July 2017

This morning I discovered S.L., V.M. and S.W. very engaged in building this machine. I was captivated in what they were making I had to ask for more information. S.L. explained to me how the machine works to make magic balloons, going into great detail about what each part of the machine did. One part is where the balloons get squished, there were hoses for water and buttons to turn it off and on, leaving the best part for last… how the ”magic” gets into the balloons. I learned that the machine makes four different kinds of balloons, magic water & air balloons, and water & air balloons that were not magic.

V.M. and S.L.  even debated about if the balloons would pop. It was decided that “No they didn’t…magic stuff doesn’t pop. If it wasn’t magic it would pop.” - S.L.

Jen Tervo RECE, AECEO,C.  Kaylene Zelkovich