Preschool Program

January 2016

This month has exploded with social and dramatic play as the children have been busy collaborating together building with the blocks, drawing at the easel, performing on the stage, and role playing "families". They have been working in large groups at a very fast pace, carrying their play throughout the entire room. The children's ideas change so quickly, that it's hard to keep up with what was happening, but you could see that they have a plan and direction for their play. The main focus seems to be collaboration with each other as they float around the room adding their own individual ideas into their dramatic play experiences. Even if their ideas didn't match or connect with each other they still seemed to welcome them and find an place for them in their play. Such as when Eli, Alexander and Marco were using the blocks to transform into skates and the chairs to drive their skates around the room, Wonder was busy performing daily checkups with each of them in the house area, calling them when it was their turn. Amazing how children's play can change and welcome so many different ideas without hesitation and transform into endless opportunities with each other. Recently, we have also been exploring 'who we are' and who is in our families. This is a topic that has come up through our observations of the children during play, and at the art table as the children have been creating pictures of family members. To support and expand on this, we have placed out large  piece of paper for the children to draw on together. The drawings are amazing and have placed out large piece of paper for the children to draw on together. The drawings are amazing and have been placed up in our room for the children to reflect and revisit. Along with many different conversations about 'who is in our family, how do you take care of babies' and exploring our heights and age, we have also placed out a homework questions for families to complete together. The question encourages families to work together to illustrated or represent who is in their families. We are hoping to display them in our environment as they return to us. 

Jen Tervo  R,ECE, AECEO,C.   Rachelle Minthorn R,ECE RT