Preschool Program

October 2016

This month we have noticed a shift from the loose parts being used for transferring and transporting to being used as a variety of props for dramatic play. We have been discussing the meaning and value of all the dramatic play that has been happening and have concluded that this is a way the children are able to represent their thoughts and ideas and exploring what they think of the world around them. Each child has a different perspective and unique idea of how things happen and it has been interesting to watch as the children learn from each other's thinking as well as incorporate their own thoughts and ideas into the group play. The children have been using all the loose open ended materials as props... rocks and plastic cubes have become "food", play phones have become "vacuums", plastic bottle caps and game pieces have become "ingredients"  and so much more! Because of all the interest in dramatic play we have rearranged our room in order to allow for more space for the children to spread out and get deeply involved. It's amazing to see all the different uses for these objects and we look forward to seeing how this play develops even further. 

Jen Tervo R,ECE, AECEO,C.   Nicole Heath R,ECE,  AECEO,C