Preschool Program

January 2017

This month we have been rekindling our relationships, making stronger bonds with one another and getting back into the swing of things. A big part of our group has been building on social interactions with one another and a way we have been fostering this interests has been through group stories which has given the children a means of representing their thoughts and ideas. Before the break we were starting to observe the children trying to write their names and pointing out letters, sounds and words from our stories, linking certain letters to letters that they recognized in their own names. When we came back on the 9th we introduced name cards for the children to use to help write their name and recognize letters from their peers. This took many different directions and led us to some new discoveries and ideas. As our observations continued we noticed the children spending more time at the table with writing materials, creating pictures, adding details to photos of themselves and starting to print their names. As a group we thought this would be a great time to create another “Banana Pants” story. As this story developed the children noticed that there were no pictures to go with the words and wanted to create some pictures of their own. Throughout the month Jen brought in some ‘home made’ books from the past that had illustration from other children. This was something the children really enjoyed and have often asked to read and look at. Our group story continued to develop and the children decided it was time to create their pictures. Each child that wanted to participate choose a part from the story and created that scene. It was a great turn out and we can’t wait to see the book once it gets laminated and bound.

Jen Tervo  R,ECE, AECEO,C.  Nicole Heath R,ECE, AECEO,C