Preschool Program

september 2017

Many of our preschoolers have been really enjoying using the BIG playground in our outdoor environment, exploring the space and different areas to engage! Over the days, the children began to notice a problem though, they couldn’t get her body on the swing outside… JHG was determined to get up on the swing, so she jumped and ran, and laid on her belly, but was not able to reach! So she sat there for a while thinking about with to do, and all of a sudden she ran across the playground, picked up the bucket for the sand toys and ran back with it!! She flipped it upside down and ran and stepped up onto it, then she sat on the swing!


She was very proud of herself and soon encouraged her friends to join in her idea! :)

Megan Brown RECE Badmin, Nicole Heath RECE, AECEO.C