Preschool Program

september 2016

Making the transition from our summer program to our fall program has been very smooth, as many of the children attended during the summer months. It was wonderful to see the children’s excitement as they were getting reacquainted with their friends, welcoming new comers and children moving up from the toddler program. With the children already having established solid relationships with each other, we found ourselves becoming quickly immersed in a topic of interest that had started in the summer program. Through our observations and some research we have found that they are exploring ways of transporting objects and they dynamics of horizontal movement. The children in our room have spent the weeks having their hands, pockets, trucks, bags, wheelbarrows and baskets full of objects. They enjoy moving throughout the room with their items and incorporating them in their dramatic play. They also like using the trucks, balancing along the playground and pushing/moving objects and furniture throughout our play spaces.

To further support, understand and provocative we have added some new materials to our program. For example, outside the children enjoyed pushing trains and cars along tracks, therefore we set up trains and tracks inside, from watching the children use these materials we discovered that they liked linking the trains together to make a long train/chain. This made us think about what other materials we can provide for the children that connect together. Recently we have added shower curtain rings, large links and paperclips. We have also added more loose parts and an assortment of baskets, buckets, and bags providing different items for transporting and means for transporting. We are currently in the middle of our Cycle of Inquiry watching and observing how the children are incorporating these new materials into their play and discovering with them all the possibilities for learning they provide.

So far we have had a great start to our year and we are looking forward to where this year will lead us!

Jen Tervo  R,ECE, AECEO,C.   Nicole Heath R,ECE