May2017Infant ProgramIsaiah the ArtistRead More May2017Toddler ProgramThe joy of play...Read More May2017Preschool ProgramScarlett's Logic...Read More May2017After School Program'Go Fish'...Read More Apr2017Toddler ProgramA hole in the fence creates a surprise discovery...Read More Apr2017Preschool ProgramOur trip to see the Zamboni...Read More Apr2017After School ProgramExploring the effects of sun on wood...Read More Mar2017Infant ProgramRelationships and rebuilding connections...Read More Mar2017Toddler ProgramThe love of stories and songs...Read More Mar2017Preschool ProgramNash's Zamboni...Read More Mar2017After School ProgramThe Flowing Rivers, Waterfalls & the Great Lake...Read More Feb2017Infant ProgramWonder, awe, curiosity...Read More Feb2017Preschool ProgramRepresenting ideas using shaving cream...Read More Feb2017Toddler ProgramExploring the idea of number sense and math concepts...Read More Feb2017After school programThe biggest group collaboration experience yet...Read More Jan2017Infant ProgramThe mystery of a feather...Read More Jan2017Toddler ProgramExploring basic mathematical concepts...Read More Jan2017Preschool ProgramSocial connections and groups stories...Read More Jan2017After School ProgramThe start of a new year..Read More Dec2016Infant ProgramRefining the Concept of "In, Out, and Through" with Loose Parts...Read More Dec2016Toddler ProgramLines, movement and linear pathways.Read More Dec2016Preschool ProgramAn exploration of story telling...Read More Dec2016Kindergarten Program"More Fizzy"...Read More Dec2016School Age ProgramThe use of recycled materials...Read More Nov2016Infant ProgramLoose parts help to further explore concepts and mental schemas...Read More Nov2016Toddler ProgramWhat is in a 'LINE' ? ...Read More Nov2016Preschool ProgramContinuing to observe the use of loose parts in our room...Read More Nov2016Kindergarten ProgramOur Operation Christmas Child project...Read More Nov2016School Age ProgramBuilding relationships through Legos...Read More Oct2016Infant ProgramThe joys of loose parts...Read More Oct2016Toddler ProgramThe concept of spatial relationships... Read More Oct2016Preschool ProgramLoose parts and dramatic play...Read More Oct2016Kindergarten ProgramThis month, the kindergarten group has spent lots of time focusing on the arts! ...Read More Oct2016School Age ProgramThe 'Marble Run' has been a strong interest...Read More Sep2016Infant ProgramThe infant program is back in full swing for the school year! Read More Sep2016Toddler ProgramThere has been some amazing exploration of theories...Read More Sep2016Preschool ProgramMaking the transition from our summer program to our fall program ...Read More Sep2016Kindergarten ProgramThe kindergarten program is welcoming back ...Read More Sep2016School age programThis past month in the School Age room has been full of exploration of colour...Read More Jun2016Infant ProgramRevisiting the Language of Movement through Balancing, Stacking and Rolling...Read More Jun2016Toddler ProgramIt’s hard to believe that this has year has nearly come to an end. We have had so many wonderful experiences, and discoveries and we have all grown so much as a group...Read More Jun2016Preschool ProgramThe children have found lots of ants, lady bugs, worms, caterpillars and ...Read More Jun2016Kindergarten ProgramArt materials used to create stories and illustrations...Read More Jun2016School Age ProgramLooking back on our year...Read More May2016Infant ProgramMcVicar’s Creek and Marina Park are wonderful and magical places that we can escape to and explore, especially since we are located in a more ‘urban’ setting...Read More May2016Toddler ProgramSpring has been an exciting time in our program...Read More May2016School Age ProgramWarmer weather brings on the study of insects...Read More Jan2016Preschool ProgramThis month has exploded with social and dramatic play ...Read More Jan2016Kindergarten ProgramThe kindergarten group has been utilizing all of our building and creative arts materials...Read More Jan2016After School ProgramHow long does it take for goop to stretch to its breaking point?Read More