Kindergarten Program

November 2016

Our Operation Christmas Child Project: working on sharing and empathy

Sharing has been a recent topic of discussion in our program, and the children and I had a conversation about how our toys are important to us and the most special things we have. C mentioned that some children do not have toys and that sharing is very important. I had an idea to ask the children if they would be interested in giving some gifts to children who do not have any for Christmas. C, T, A and B wanted to be a part of this special project. We began to talk about what kinds of things we can fit into the small boxes that I got.

A stuffy, a baby, a Jenga set - B

Slippers, candy – C

A superhero toy – T

I went out and found some of these items and a few other essentials (toothbrush, soap, cloths, etc) and brought them in. The children helped place them into the boxes, and asked to make some art for the children to place in as well. We all worked together to make other children happy by sharing things that we have. The children are very excited for the children far away to receive their gifts, and we are all feeling very proud about our new understanding of sharing. 

Emily Chepil R,ECE