Kindergarten Program

October 2016

This month, the kindergarten group has spent lots of time focusing on the arts! The children have access to an abundance of art materials, but still continue to explore other ways to create. Collaging and painting are a main interest using glue and tape and different kinds of paint such as acrylic and water colour to design beautiful visual art to display. Taking advantage of our beautiful outdoor environment, we can collect natural materials such as rocks, sticks and leaves to incorporate into our art as well. We have done collaging with leaves and rocks, and painting on the rocks as well!

The children have also spent lots of time with a different form of art - in a puppet show set up in the room, where they create plays with different roles and stories for each other to watch. This evolved into making our own puppets out of popsicle sticks! Stemming from that, a stage and costume set up allowed the children to get creative in putting on their own shows! Other creative ways the children have shown their interest and explored in the arts include carving pumpkins, making food into art and creating with playdough, goop, and the water table. We are going to continue to find new ways to explore art in all of its many forms such as a recent idea from one of the children – decorating cookies!! 

Emily Chepil R,ECE