Infant Program

June 2016

Revisiting the Language of Movement through Balancing, Stacking and Rolling

The month of June is flying by much quicker than we had anticipated; it’s hard to believe that we will be starting up our Summer Program within the next two weeks.

The infants have been especially active of late, and considering the vast majority of them are boys it isn’t that surprising. Most of them are entering 'toddlerhood', and their play is more physical in nature. As educators, we have been finding different ways to channel that energy and find new ways to challenge them!

Stacking has re-emerged as an interest within the program, and we incorporated some different open-ended materials such as spools, tubes and different sized boxes and containers to challenge their thinking. Part of this excitement is knocking their newly stacked towers down, and seeing how far those pieces will go! We have also kept some of our softer blocks to complement our ‘loose parts’ collection since our younger children are very intrigued by the towers and get very excited when they fall (or get knocked) over!!

We also re-arranged our environment to allow for more space for body movement as well. The soft big climbing blocks and mats were re-introduced to provide an alternate challenge for the climber. Many of our younger infants have begun mastering the steps and the ramp which is very exciting to see!

The ramp has also invited a new opportunity to explore rolling our cars, spools and other items to see how they move. We also set up our large acrylic mirror in the same way to provide a different visual perspective. We will continue to observe this process to see what possible directions this could lead us.

Soon we will be saying ‘goodbye’ to our older children as they transition downstairs to the Toddler Program for the summer. We will miss them dearly, but we look forward to seeing them progress! 

Don McMahon R,ECE, Katherine Cross R,ECE,  Ashley Etienne R,ECE