Infant Program

may 2016

Despite the ‘hiccup’ in the weather at the end of April and early May, it looks like Spring has finally made its appearance!

Even though the infants have moved past their interest in the bubbles; their discoveries outdoors are still a significant part of the program. McVicar’s Creek and Marina Park are wonderful and magical places that we can escape to and explore, especially since we are located in a more ‘urban’ setting.

The interests that have sparked from our walks vary from the sound and movement of the water, to birds, puppies, fish and other animals. Vehicles have played a huge part in our outside time, too. On our many walks over the past couple of weeks we have found cars, trucks, boats, buses, backhoes, dumptrucks, cranes and rescue vehicles!

We have incorporated some of these discoveries into our learning environment; a car mat with cars and trucks, a new betta fish and Twitters (a budgie) came for a visit from our St. Martin’s site!

Don McMahon R,ECE, Ashley Etienne R,ECE,  Katherine Cross R,ECE