Infant Program

October 2016

The Joys of Loose Parts

Within the infant program, we’ve become increasingly inspired by a new textbook “Loose Parts 2”. It has guided our discussions in regards to the children’s thought process and how they learn about the world and themselves.

One of the ways in which we try to encourage the children’s scientific process in making sense of their world is to incorporate “loose parts” or “open ended materials”. These items are so nourishing and enriching for infants because it allows them to discover the world in all areas of development! Some of the concepts we theorized the children in these photos were exploring included 'on and off', 'in and out', and 'what fits?'. Some schema's the children could also be engaged in are 'connecting' and 'enclosing'. By closey examining the types of loose parts we provide, we can support this thinking and investigation further.

Don McMahon  RECE, Katherine Cross RECE,   Ashley Etienne RECE