Family Celebration Events

We held our last Family Celebration events of the school year on various days at our St. James location. Our infant, toddler, preschool, after school programs had planned events through out the early part of June where families were invited to partake in. Thank you to all the families who came out to these events! These are held for the celebration of the children's work within our environments! This is a wonderful opportunity for children to show their families their programs, for parents to meet other parents, and for parents to connect with educators.  

In the infant program families were part of exploring art experiences in our out door playground. Families with our toddler program were also enjoying our out door space while having pancakes and discussing the children's current interests in 'fixing'. Families in our preschool program stayed for a 'Banana Pants' party. And the children in the after school program made cookies for their families and hosted a tea party in our out door play space!