after school program

June 2017

Colours everywhere! The summer weather has brought many beautiful colours to our playground but not enough for this group. A simple water colour painting experience on the playground escalated quickly on a sunny afternoon. Almost 20 school agers participated for hours together in a variety of ways. Some children painted pictures, died fabric, sprayed natural materials on the playground to colour them, and others chose to mix the colours together in other containers. The process of this experience and the collaboration we observed was unlike any before! An incredible end to our year together! J

“I made slime on the rock” – R

“A true love heart for my mom… I mixed blue and red to make purple” – C

“When I mix in this jug, the water turns cloudy… They don’t mix together” – M

“I made purple in the squirter!” - C

Emily Chepil  RECE    Carly Baratta RECE