After school program

February 2017

The Biggest Group Collaboration Yet!

As soon as G and S got off the bus, they noticed something different about our playground. They saw lots of water coming from the sand box, flowing through the rest of the playground, and into a lake on the other side of the fence.

M, T and E were scooping buckets of water out of the sandbox to help it dry.

G and S began to break the ice in the way of the water flowing, and quickly recruited lots of help as well from many other kindergarten and school aged children.

G explained to the group the goal, to get the water to flow from the playground, into the lake, without stopping along the way. The group understood and took charge of their own roles. They worked awesome together and were all wet from water and sweat from their hard work!

While others chose to help, some such as C and N decided that they would like to run through the new river instead! 

At the end of the river, we see the lake where the children enjoyed watching the water flow, splashing, and exploring what’s in and under the water.

We are proud of our school-agers for working so well together and can’t wait to see what other kind of challenges the changing weather has in store for us! 

Carly Baratta RECE, Emily Chepil RECE