Toddler Program

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

This morning we revisited our Brown Bear, Brown Bear book by Eric Carle. We have been observing the children being able to recall what comes next in the story. To support their ability to recall and expand on their interest of Brown Bear, Brown Bear we had the children tell the story in their own words…

Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?

Jakeb roars. Korbin “red rird”

Red bird, red bird what do you see?

Jakeb “a duck”. Angelina “weet, weet, weet”

Yellow duck, yellow duck what do you see?

Jakeb “yellow duck”

Before Natasha could flip the page Jakeb was already remembering what came next in the story.

Jakeb “Horsey”. Korbin “blue”and points to the horse.

Korbin shouts out “rog…rog” and points to the frog on the next page.

Ryan points to the book that Natasha is holding up and says “purple cat” as Natasha turns the page. Angelina was able to make the connection of the purple cat in the story to the cat that was on her shirt. Angelina pointed to her shirt “cat”.

White dog, white dog what do you see?

Jakeb “puppy” and points to the dog.

Before Natasha turns the page Angelina looked at Natasha and smiled. She began to sing…“baa, baa black sheep have you any wool”. Angelina has been observed making the connection between the nursery rhyme Baa, Baa Black Sheep and the black sheep whenever we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

Tomorrow we will revisit the story again and have the children share with us the story in their own words again.

Natasha RECE and Jennie H RECE