Toddler Program

February 2016

Throughout the month of January and February the children’s main interest has been taking place in the house area. The children have been observed “cooking” food for their peers, dolls, and educators. We have added many real props to extend on this play i.e. spatulas, pots, whisks and tongs. In addition to this dramatic play our children have been serving themselves during our mealtimes. To expand on both these interests and skills that are being mastered we asked the children if they would like to make their own lunch. They were filled with excitement! We made tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches and the children helped with the prep work, the cooking and then the best part…eating of the food! What a wonderful experience!

We also had a Family Celebration day where families came in to cook with their children in the afternoon! This was excellent parent-involvement which we encourage and is a huge part of our philosophy.

  CandiceR,ECE and Natasha R,ECE