School Age Program

Creating Puppets

Today some of the children began creating puppets with some paper bags! They were drawing dresses for the puppets, made glasses for them, bows for their hair, and added faces and colour to them! They put a lot of work into these puppets!

Educator then asked "What are you doing to do with those puppets?" 

Emma "We are going to have a puppet show for everyone but if they don't want to watch they don't have to"

Mya "We are going to do it tomorrow" 

So the following day, they used the wooden blocks to set up a "stage" said Emma.

Mya said "We will set sit behind the blocks so they can't see us, just the puppets."

Emma "ok, then we can make a space to crawl into to enter so no one see's us"

After setting up, they began making up a story about a girl and some vampires! I wonder where this story will go and what will happen when they complete their story? If they do!

Nicole and Julia