Preschool Program

MAY 2017

The "100 Languages of Home"

In the past 3 months the preschool program have been interested in exploring and creating houses out of a variety of different materials such as; loose parts, recyclables, plasticine creations, story telling, drawing, blocks, light table blocks, art experiences, and more!. As we discussed all of our observations, and explored them deeper, we found a deeper connection to what the children have all been exploring....."Homes". The children then wanted to know what their friends houses looking like so we asked families to bring in pictures to share! Since then, they have been talking about parts to their houses such as; windows, doors, roofs, stairs, etc and still more exploring and discovering to do! 

We will be celebrating this wonderful journey with Families next Thursday, May 25th from 4:00-5:00! Come and see all of the learning that has been happening and how the children have exploring, discovering and creating!

Brenda Walkoski  R,ECE. AECEO,C.  Lauren Sutton R,ECE  Jenn Cook DSW RLS