February 2016

The preschool group has been busy exploring a variety of interests this month such as exploring, letters, plasticine and colours. They have been interested in letters; recognizing the first letter or letters in their name, counting how many letters they have in their name and creating letters out of different media such as paint, with their bodies, plasticine, on the overhead projector........ just to name a few! They have also been very interested in exploring plasticine and creating amazing representations! To expand on their techniques and skills with using plasticine, we have now been exploring the different types of "tools" you can use to sculpt with and create designs and textures! These opportunities are endless and we are excited to see where they lead us.........


Your Preschool Educators;

Lauren Sutton RECE ,Jennifer Cook, DSW and Brenda Walkoski RECE, AECEO.C as well as the Supervisor of the Grey Street Location.