Infant Program

MAY 2017

Patthew is often observed testing out sounds as he explores materials in the environment.Today the educator set up some new bamboo sticks in the environment with some open ended materials.She purposely placed some bamboo sticks with some small wooden tree logs and some coloured sensory bottles with metal lids as a provocation.Patthew immediately began to tap the materials with the sticks.He tested out different ways of taping the stick onto different parts of the yellow bottle.He leaned in closer as he tapped the bottle in a specific spot.The educator leaned in closer and discovered a bubble in the bottle with Patthew. Patthew continued to purposely bang the bubble and watch it move and sometimes even disappear.The next day the educator set up all five coloured water bottles with some bamboo sticks to promote further investigation and learning.Patthew discovered that there was a bubble in each of the colours of water.He tested out different speeds as he tapped exactly where the bubbles were in each bottle.

Lindsey Richardson  R,ECE, and Tawni Johnston R,ECE,  BA BED